Mar 292016
Peter Galbert's Old Brown Glue Tip
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Peter Galbert was at Highland all last week teaching his Windsor Chair class. After so many years learning his craft, Pete’s brain is full of useful nuggets like this one on how to maximize a bottle of Old Brown Glue. The problem: constant re-heating of the glue bottle was causing the unused glue to get […]

Mar 262016
The #GetWoodworking Week Round-up
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Thanks to everyone who submitted their blogs, videos, and social media updates for #GetWoodworking Week this year! Our main goal is to promote woodworking to our community and get new people interested in it.  It also acts as a reminder to people who may have not gotten into their shops for awhile to go out and […]

Mar 242016
Get Woodworking Week - Marketing To Potential New Woodworkers
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Ancestry dot-com has 2 million subscribers worldwide. Sounds like a lot. But if their subscription base were U.S. only, it would be only 6/10ths of 1 percent of the population. Since their subscription base is worldwide, the paid subscription service represents only 4/10,000ths of 1 percent of worldwide population. These are market share numbers that are essentially non-existent. By […]

Mar 232016
Get Woodworking Week - The Goal Is More Woodworkers, Right?
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Spoiler Alert… This is not going to be what you think… it is, instead, to get you to think. It Starts With You It is often said, “All Politics is Local.”   There is some truth, I suppose, to that statement.  If you could corner a committed supporter of any candidate and drill down to the […]

Mar 212016
Get Woodworking Week - The Luckiest Woodworker
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Editor’s Note: This week, March 20-26, 2016, is Get Woodworking Week, a chance to promote our craft to the online community at large and encourage everyone to get some time in their shop, or create a shop!  The purpose of the week is to get people off their couches and into their shops to try their […]

Mar 102016
The Highland Woodworker featured on Fine Woodworking's Shop Talk Live!
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Highland Woodworking and our WEB TV show, The Highland Woodworker were recently featured on Fine Woodworking’s Shop Talk Live, where both organizations were introduced as new partners with Fine Woodworking. In this episode, Charles Brock, host of The Highland Woodworker, discusses his woodworking background and how both Highland Woodworking and Fine Woodworking had an influence on his woodworking beginnings in […]

Mar 032016
Building a New Honing Board for My New Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide
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I recently received my new Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide and a couple of their available accessory jaws, which I discussed in my The Plane Facts: The Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide article posted last week. If you, like many of us, have previously been using one of the inexpensive guides with a honing board, you will need to make another […]