Dec 292016
Woodworking Resolutions for 2017 - Curtis Turner
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I wanted to start my resolutions first with a review of 2016 goals. One of my resolutions was to work more with milk paint and build a Dutch Tool Chest. I am happy to report both of those objectives were achieved. It was tremendous experience to work with my 10 year old son to complete […]

Dec 282016
Woodworking Resolutions for 2017 - Terry Chapman
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Ah, good old resolutions! Who doesn’t make resolutions for the New Year — I suppose it is a symptom of the human condition, a little bit of hope springs eternal, at least for the first few weeks of the year. So here goes: 1. I’m going to learn something new this New Year. Last year […]

Dec 272016
Woodworking Resolutions for 2017 - Norm Reid
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OK, so I over-pledged on the number of projects I would build in 2016. I mean, somehow I thought I’d be able to complete at least a Baker’s Dozen before the year was out. Well, things just didn’t work out as I planned. Why not, you may well ask? Frankly, a lot of things intervened, […]

Dec 262016
Woodworking Resolutions for 2017 - Anne Briggs
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As another new year is upon us, I have so much to look back on and be thankful for. This past year I was able to travel the country visiting woodworking shops and was even able to squeeze in a few classes. I unexpectedly acquired some HUGE woodworking tools (and when I say huge, I […]

Dec 092016
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A few weeks ago we got an email from a customer who wanted to share his “Pay It Forward” story for the holidays, but wanted to remain anonymous. Here is his story about how he sold all of the tools in his shop to a military veteran for just $1: It would be an honor to […]

Dec 052016
Poll: Making Woodworking Gifts for the Holidays
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Holly, the receptionist at our office, hates it when I say, on the 25th of every month, “Only (335…180…90…30) shopping days til Christmas!” Unfortunately for Holly, having revealed that it gets to her, I make sure I never miss a month! Woodworkers can get the same heebie-jeebies when we hear that Christmas is coming. How […]

Dec 022016
Tips from Sticks in the Mud – December 2016 – Tip #2 - Warranty Filing
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Welcome to “Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop.” I am a hobbyist who loves woodworking and writing for those who also love the craft. I have found some ways to accomplish tasks in the workshop that might be helpful to you, and I enjoy hearing your own problem-solving ideas. Please share them in the COMMENTS section of each […]