Jun 282018
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 Not sure which Festool Dust Extractor to get for your shop? In the video above, Mike Morton takes a closer look at a few different options, and demonstrates how the integrated Festool dust extraction system helps keep the air in your shop safe to breathe. Click above to watch the video!

Jun 222018
Go See Woodworker Nick Offerman's New Movie, Hearts Beat Loud
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Highland Woodworking’s friend, woodworker and professional actor Nick Offerman has a break-out leading man role in the new feel-good movie Hearts Beat Loud that opened on June 8. The movie reached Atlanta June 21, and the enthusiastic reaction here validates the movie’s many positive reviews. Support Nick and the cast’s other stars (Kiersey Clemons, Ted […]

Jun 212018
Book Review: Green Woodworking by Drew Langsner
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In the June 2018 issue of Wood News, Norm Reid reviewed Drew Langsner’s book, Green Woodworking. The subtitle of this book Green Woodworking – “A Hands-On Approach” – points to a highly important aspect of this book. This is no mere treatise on working with green wood. Rather, it’s both an introductory guide to key green […]

Jun 192018
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Do you feel like you need more space in your shop for storage? Steve Johnson, the Down to Earth Woodworker, came up with a clever way to take advantage of the unused space underneath his drill press. Take a look at his design in the video below – maybe you can build a drill press […]

Jun 142018
Downsizing to a Tiny Shop
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In the April issue of Wood News, Mark Miller introduced us to the tiny shop he was putting together in his new studio apartment, and discussed some of the potential complexities of downsizing to such a small space from a full sized workshop. Mark followed up in the June issue of Wood News with more […]

Jun 122018
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Jim Dillon walks us through the tools included in the Narex Spoon Carving Starter Kit in this helpful video. With tips for using each of the tools and how to get started in spoon carving in general, this video and kit will help set you on the path to a great new hobby of carving […]

Jun 052018
June Woodworking Poll: Do You Have Air Conditioning In Your Shop?
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Do you have air conditioning in your shop? Do you run it a lot? Before Hurricane Katrina, I had a little 5000 BTU window unit that I would occasionally put in a casement for temporary use, but I had to be desperate. As a fan of hot weather, I don’t see the need for it […]