Feb 172022
An Unconventional Resurrection of the Workbench
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For the February 2022 issue of Wood News Online, Morgan Amos describes his unusual workbench setup: While there are a plethora of resources and examples of workbenches, this article is intended for those who want to resurrect and economically work with what they have to produce an unconventional workhorse. Read the rest of the article

Feb 102022
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The Sjobergs Smart Workstation Pro is a great workbench solution for the space or budget challenged woodworker. The bench top clamps to nearly any counter or table. The work surface is made from solid beech. It won’t replace a full workbench, but you can definitely hold a drawer side or front in it to make […]

Feb 082022
Stories from Grandpa's Workshop: A Boring Story...
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For the February 2022 issue of Wood News Online, Bob Rummer reflects on the amount of physical labor once required before the invention of power tools: Eric Sloane, in his book A Reverence for Wood, says that only when we can look at objects from the past through a craftsman’s eyes, understanding what went into […]

Feb 032022
Book Review: Make a Chair from a Tree - 3rd Edition By Jennie Alexander
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For the February 2022 issue of Wood News Online, Norm Reid reviewed Make a Chair From a Tree – 3rd Edition, by Jennie Alexander: Make a Chair from a Tree is a very special book. It is, in some ways, a typical how-to-build-it guide to constructing a green wood chair. And if that was all […]

Feb 012022
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Here at Highland Woodworking, we help customers of all ages who are just getting into woodworking for the first time or have been doing it for their whole life. Over the years, many of our Wood News Online contributors have shared their memories of growing up in their grandpa’s workshop as well as stories about […]

Jan 272022
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This week we released the January 2022 episode of The Highland Woodworker, this time featuring woodcarver Randy Walters! We get to see some of Randy’s incredible relief carvings, and he even demonstrates some of his techniques. John Doyle from Popular Woodworking offers a great tip for anyone who has been frustrated trying to use paper […]