Nov 152007
Georgia Association of Woodturner's Meeting November 2007
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The Georgia Association of Woodturner’s meets in our Seminar Room tonight at 6:30pm. They are open to visitors, so come by and check it out. Alan Leland will be demonstrating. Alan grew up in New Canaan, Connecticut, then attended East Carolina University. After budget cuts prevented him from pursuing corrections as a career, he worked […]

Nov 122007
Leading You On: Feed Direction Is the Key to Resawing
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The more skilled you become at resawing, the more you take it for granted that any stock thickness your heart desires is yours for the making. Resawing isn’t difficult, but it is a skill, which has to be learned just like any other. As usual, practice is the direct route to expertise—and as usual, the better you understand the tool the more effectively practice will teach you what you need to know. Of the main factors that go into successful resawing (blade selection, tension, feed rate and accommodating lead angle), understanding the blade’s lead angle is by far the most critical part of setup.

Nov 082007
Work Sharp 3000 Sharpening Center
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This sandpaper-based sharpener is a good value for the budget conscious woodworker or the enthusiast who wants to forego the learning curve of other methods. The Work Sharp is designed to sharpen carving tools, chisels and plane irons up to 2″ wide. The 1/5 HP motor spins at a comfortable 580 rpm, so you can easily sharpen other tools freehand.

Nov 062007
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Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, brushing on an even coat of bubble-free oil- or water-based varnish is often a very frustrating task. Sometimes bubbles even appear mysteriously while the finish is drying, even though they weren’t visible during the application process. Here are six tips I’ve found to help eliminate those pesky tiny bubbles.

Oct 302007
Fun Woodworking Project: Bandsaw Puzzle Cubes
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How’s that scrap pile in the corner of the shop coming along? Getting any smaller? Here’s one way to put some of your cherished chunks of thick stock to good use, producing casual gifts of irresistible appeal to young and old alike. Kids under ten can reassemble these puzzles in 30 seconds, grown-ups in only three or four minutes if they’re sharp.

Oct 282007
The New Complete Guide to the Band Saw by Mark Duginske
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In the world of small shop woodworking, Mark Duginske is the unquestioned maharishi of the bandsaw. His Band Saw Handbook has been a best seller here since anyone can remember. Mark’s new book is completely updated with color pictures and with information on today’s bandsaws.

Oct 252007
Auriou Closes after 151 years
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As has been reported on some other blogs, French rasp-maker Auriou has ceased operation after 151 years. Unfortunately, Michel Auriou was unable to resolve a labor dispute and has chosen to close. You can see the statement from Michel Auriou here. Blair