Jul 092010
Controlling Rust in your Woodworking Shop
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Rust is always an issue this time of year, with summer heat and humidity. Of course, the absolute best way to eliminate rust from the surfaces of machines and other tools in your shop is to stop it from ever really getting started in the first place. And in an ideal world, that’s how it […]

Jul 072010
July Wood News just released!
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The July issue of Wood News is out, and packed full of great articles and deals. The Down to Earth Woodworker, Steven D. Johnson, has written two entertaining articles this month: his usual column on Down to Earth Woodworking and a bonus article about building an even more useful shooting board. Check them out! Alan […]

Jul 022010
Better search = better woodworking (and maybe more tools!)
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The Highland Woodworking website has a new exciting addition – now you can search all of our newsletters, blogs, articles and woodworking tips for any woodworking topic you need help with! Our informative website just became your best resource for tips, tools and all things woodworking. To access article search from our home page, look […]

Jun 282010
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We had a great response last month to Howard Van Valzah’s safety tip about wearing brightly colored gloves to help him stay aware of his non-dominant hand while woodworking and avoid scrapes and bruises (and worse!) In addition to being fun and challenging, woodworking can be a hazardous hobby, and any precautions we can take […]