Feb 292008
Gorilla Glue's New Precision Glue Pen
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Gorilla Glue is now available in a new Precision Glue Pen applicator ideal for small projects and repairs requiring pinpoint application and control. Originally used as a commercial adhesive for hard-to-glue materials, today Gorilla Glue is the preferred brand among professionals, DIYers and consumers because of its industrial strength sticking power.

Feb 022008
New Red Hot Special!
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Posted as a limited time offer! In recent years, many companies have tried to copy the venerable Bessey K Body clamps – with varying degrees of success. One of the better clones has been the Gross Stabil PC2 Parallel Clamps. Recently, Bessey purchased Gross Stabil. They don’t need two different versions of the same clamp, […]

Jan 112008
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I’ve heard some of you lament that you do not have enough time, tools, space or skills to practice the kind of woodworking you desire. Many times these subtle excuses serve as psychological barriers which get in the way of us doing any woodworking at all. Perhaps all you really need, however, is to become a little more disciplined in how you approach it. Here are five bits of advice on how to get your woodworking more organized.

Jan 082008
Author Bob Flexner (Understanding Wood Finishing)<br>Returns to Highland Woodworking Feb. 2-3, 2008
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We are pleased to announce that Bob Flexner is returning to Highland Woodworking February 2-3, 2008 for a two-day seminar in which he will demonstrate and explain many of the techniques that he has perfected over the years.