Dec 252008
A Christmas Greeting from a Highland Woodworking Customer
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I just wanted to take a moment out to tell you how much I enjoy doing business with you — you put together a terrific catalog and have thoroughly mastered the intricacies of Internet marketing. Most of all, you appear to be people of integrity who honestly describe the wares you have to offer, charge fair prices, and follow through beautifully on every order. What a pleasure it is to buy from you!

Dec 242008
Care and Sharpening of Router Bits
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Sharpening router bits is surprisingly easy to do. You don’t need a sharpening jig, precision measuring instruments or complex machinery. All you need are a couple of diamond paddles (or diamond needle files for the smallest router bits), a good light source and a comfortable place to sit.

Dec 222008
Roy Underhill chooses our Hoffman and Hammer woodworking workbenches for his new woodworking school
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Our good friend, Roy Underhill of Woodwright’s Shop fame, has chosen our Hoffman and Hammer large German Workbench for students to use in the new woodworking school he is opening in Pittsboro, NC sometime in 2009.

Dec 182008
FREE DEMO 12/27/08: Inside the Acoustic Guitar with Billy Rhoton
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You are invited to join Billy Rhoton at 10 AM on Saturday, December 27 at Highland Woodworking’s Atlanta retail store for a rare visual tour inside one of his handcrafted instruments. He will discuss bracing patterns and carving techniques and their relationship to tone. He will also discuss tools and traditional construction methods. The demonstration is free, and no advance registration is necessary. Highland Woodworking is located at 1045 N. Highland Ave, NE in Atlanta.

Dec 082008
Woodworking fun: Erich Schatt's incredible wooden machine
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Is it a sculpture or a machine? For the past several years, woodworker Erich Schatt of Zurich, Switzerland has used his free time designing and building an exquisite machine built entirely of wood. What exactly does the machine do? Well, mainly it causes people’s jaws to drop whenever they see Erich sitting in the driver’s seat pedaling away on this amazing contraption, spinning the dozens of wooden gears whose movements are intricately intertwined using wooden chains (that resemble the drive chain on a bicycle).