Oct 022016
Tips from Sticks in the Mud – October 2016 Tip #1 – Sanding and Finishing with the Grain
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Welcome to “Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop.” I am a hobbyist who loves woodworking and writing for those who also love the craft. I have found some ways to accomplish tasks in the workshop that might be helpful to you, and I enjoy hearing your own problem-solving ideas. Please share them in the COMMENTS section of […]

Oct 012016
Poll: What kind of footwear do you use in your shop?
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I had this great idea about shop footwear.  I have terrific Wellington steel-toed boots with non-slip soles that offer fabulous support. They are especially comfortable on my shop’s concrete floor. There is a nearly-zero chance of sliding, even if water or oil gets on the floor. It was a great idea until I started walking […]

Sep 132016
How to Sharpen Woodworking Tools: A Step-by-Step Guide
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Justin Moon offers his method for sharpening the hand tools in his woodworking shop in this in-depth article. Starting with details of examining the tools and working through each step all the way to using a strop to finish the tool, Justin provides detailed analysis for what you are looking for in the sharpening process, […]

Sep 082016
Show Us Your Shop: Derik VanVleet's Dream Shop
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In this month’s Wood News we featured Derik VanVleet’s woodworking shop. Derik says he fell into woodworking doing remodeling work on a house he bought, and the next thing he knew, he was a woodworker! Take a look at the pictures of his shop below, or click to learn more about Derik VanVleet’s shop. To read about even […]

Sep 062016
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The Highland Woodworking family has discovered a trend:  “Prime Woodworking Season.”  It seems that people get more interested in working in their woodshops in September and October.  There’s no arguing that it’s hot in July and August in the Southeast, especially if your workspace isn’t air conditioned.  Everything combines to make Fall the perfect time […]

Sep 022016
Tips from Sticks in the Mud – September 2016 – Tip #2- Reusing "Credit Card Offers"
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No Southern-fried Southern boy wants to be called a Yankee, but we share the characteristics of shrewdness and thrift. Thus, each month I share a money-saving tip. It’s OK if you call me “cheap.” Maybe this doesn’t happen to everyone, but I get credit cards in the mail almost daily.  Unfortunately, they’re nether pre-activated nor pre-loaded!  […]