Nov 282016
Woodworking Wish List 2016 - Lee Laird
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It’s hard to believe we are already coming back around to Christmas again, as 2016 has raced past us. I’ve come up with a few things for my wish list – likely things you may also enjoy having in your shop (or garage, or little closet…) Let me also wish each and everyone a safe and happy […]

Nov 252016
Woodworking Wish List 2016 - Temple Blackwood
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With the holiday season approaching far too rapidly to be able to accomplish all the gifts I thought I would have time to make for family, friends, and good customers, I settle in on a rainy afternoon to give some thought to what I might like to receive as a gift, the creation of my […]

Nov 232016
Woodworking Wish List 2016 - Jeff Fleisher
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I have a large 1000 sqft shop full of tools and I am privileged to write a monthly tool review for Highland Woodworking so what tools could I possibly wish for? Well, there is always room for a new tool in the shop and there is always a ‘need’ for a new tool as well! […]

Nov 222016
Woodworking Wish List 2016 - Mike Morton - Finishing Products
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Recently I’ve been finishing a bench for a client. And I mean that literally: applying finish. The finishing process can be quite confusing but I find it enjoyable – watching the piece become what I had always had in my minds eye. During this process, I use quite a few shop supplies. So for this […]

Nov 212016
Woodworking Wish List 2016 - Amy Herschleb
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My partner and I live in a large, sloppy rental whose chief merits are an excess of space and the low-stakes-no-stakes upkeep. One room has been entirely devoted to a collection of decommissioned fake Christmas trees (the Forest Room). A taxidermied bobcat lurks on the periphery. I am slowly assembling a hand tool workshop there […]

Nov 182016
Woodworking Wish List 2016 - Norm Reid
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Well, it’s that time of year again, when thoughts turn to what I’d like to receive this holiday season. Holding my work has gotten to the top of my list. I’ve finally decided to install a leg vise on my workbench. I’m going to be hand cutting stopped tapered sliding dovetails and I need a […]

Nov 162016
How to Store Sandpaper
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One of the earliest challenges I had in woodworking was deciding how to store sandpaper. Disks for random orbit sanders come in boxes. The disks curl, like all sandpaper, but it’s OK because the platen flattens them back out again. Sandpaper pre-attached to sanding blocks stays flat, but it seems to be such a wasteful […]