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Jul 102014

julywnNow available for reading is our July 2014 issue of Wood News Online!

Special articles this month include:

Make Your Own Saw Bench: After reading about Saw Benches in a Christopher Schwarz article, Scott Stahl decided to transform the piece of Douglas Fir 4×4 that he had laying around into a beginners Sawbench project. Scott gives a step by step overview of how he completed the project.

Creating a Curly Maple Handle for a Custom Japanese Hammer Head: Lee Laird took a family trip to Japan where he purchased a hand-made Japanese hammer head. He brought it back home with him and made the perfect curly maple handle to go with it, and in this article he describes the process of making it.

Our Show Us Series includes:

Show Us Your Shop: We’re featuring the converted garage shop of Pat Lemley who lives in Salisbury, MD. Not only does he share pictures of the current shop, but we’ve also got pictures of the building process (that Pat did 95% of himself!).

Show Us Your Woodworking: Jim Mossoney has been woodworking for over 25 years and this month he is sharing several of the projects that he has made in that time including a tool cabinet, slant top desk, entertainment center, and a few nightstands. He also shares several pictures of his workshop.

Show Us Your Carving: Pierre Vigneux has been carving off and on for over 40 years and now does about 1-2 projects per year. Check out his beautiful animal and human carvings.

Each month we have several contributors who offer tips in several different woodworking categories. This month’s tips include:

The Down to Earth Woodworker: Steve provides a variety of tips and advice including a SawStop recommendation, clamp storage ideas, advances in technology involving woodworking, and lastly, he comes up with some ideas on future woodworking products that the market should make available.

And don’t forget this month’s Down to Earth Woodworking video featuring Steve’s SawStop Outfeed Table project.

This month we had a Q/A about Radial Arm Saws and if they are still made.

Tips from Sticks in the Mud: This month’s tips include using Post-It notes as label making devices in your workshop, as well as hanging washers in order to have an easy place to find and access them.

Alan Noel has a finishing tip on 3D finishing, which can be done on highly figured woods including satin, mahogany, and maple and gives them a shimmering 3D effect.

Our reader contributed safety tip comes from William Douglas Lewis who created a Foot-Switch, which he can use to easily power off his router table and drill press so as to not get in the way of them.

We’ve also got reviews on Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood, as well as a tool review of the Veritas Bench Hold Down.

All of this plus some great sales and deals on Fox Chapel Books, Woodcarving Instruction with Chris Pye, WEB TV with The Highland Woodworker, and much more!

And remember, we are always taking for articles in future editions of Wood News Online. CLICK HERE to find out how to submit an article!




Jun 272014

beginturn10Each week, Highland Woodworking holds a variety of woodworking classes including offerings in turning, carving, finishing, woodworking basics, and many more in our Tage Frid Seminar room. We have been offering these classes for more than 35 years and have hosted some of the greatest woodworking masters around, including Roy Underhill, Tage Frid, Sam Maloof, and Dale Nish.

With our ‘Hands-On’ workshops, students are able to get one-on-one time with the instructor who helps them begin to master the skills they need to start or continue working in their own shop.

This past month, woodturner Hal Simmons taught a Beginning Woodturning class, which consisted of morning instruction followed by hands-on practice by the students. Students learned the basics of the different woodturning tools and construction methods and were then able to to turn a variety of items including spinning tops, a carver’s mallet, honey dippers, and other small projects.

CLICK HERE to see the photo gallery from our Beginning Turning class.

CLICK HERE to see our current class listings and to sign up!

Jun 202014

This month we featured 4 different woodworkers in both Wood News Online and The Highland Woodturner, all of whom submitted their shops and projects, and were chosen to be featured in our online publications.

Show Us Your Shop: Howard Boehm shared his garage workshop, which he built up around his tablesaw, the center point of his shop. Some of the conveniences of Howard’s shop include having most of his heavy machinery on wheels, as well as having his electrical and dust collection underground, which gives him more space to work within the shop. Below is a panoramic picture of Howard’s shop as well as a few small thumbnails of his projects. You can view more detailed photos of his shop and projects HERE.


Show Us Your Woodworking: Mike DeCarlo has been building stuff since he was a kid, using whatever tools were available at the time. In college he was able to take a Furniture Making class, which was outfitted with many different hand and power tools that he got to test and use for his different projects. Below is an Oak Corner Cabinet that he built for a friend after seeing the project featured in a magazine. CLICK HERE to see more of Mike’s projects.


Show Us Your Woodcarving: Phillip Malenfant lives in North Pole, Alaska. He has done several plane and fish carvings, which reflect his former occupation of working for an airline, as well as one of his current hobbies, fishing. He is not a trained carver and instead picked up the hobby by just experimenting with a few chisels one day. CLICK HERE to see more of his carvings.


Show Us Your Woodturning: After having learned woodturning in middle school shop class, Robert Wallace took a 20 year “hiatus” from the hobby and spent more time doing regular woodworking. After his daughter was born and slept in the room near his shop, he decided he needed a quieter method of woodworking and switched back to woodturning. For the past 22 years he has been making some beautiful projects, which have been featured in several galleries and competitions, as well as his local woodturning club in Ames, Iowa. CLICK HERE to read more about Robert’s woodturning and to see more of his projects.


Fridays on the Highland Woodworking Blog are dedicated to #FollowFriday, where we use this space to further highlight a woodworker or turner who we have featured in our monthly e-publications Wood News and The Highland WoodturnerWould you like for your shop or woodworking to appear in our publications? We invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your shop or work along with captions and a brief history and description of your woodworking (Email photos at 800×600 resolution.) Receive a $50 store credit redeemable towards merchandise if we show your shop in a future issue.

Jun 182014

junehwtphotoTake a look at our June issue of The Highland Woodturner full of some great reviews and deals of woodturning tools.

In this month’s issue:

Oneway Mastercut Tools: Curtis Turner recently bought and tested some Oneway Mastercut tools. In this month’s article he reviews the three different tools he got, including: 1) 17 1?2″ Sure Grip Handle, 2) Mastercut 1/2″ Double-Ended Spindle Gouge, and 3) Mastercut 5/8″ Double-Ended Bowl Gouge.

My Pile of Woodturning Tools: In this classic Terry Chapman blog article, Terry shows off his “pile” of 22 different woodturning tools and gives some tips for the best ones for beginners to use.

Show Us Your Woodturning: This month we have the beautiful woodturnings created by Robert Wallace from Ames, Iowa. Robert began woodturning when he needed a “quieter” way to do woodworking when his daughter was born.

Woodturning with Tim Yoder, Episode 6: Turning Birdhouses: In Episode 6 of this Popular Woodworking sponsored web TV show, Tim has some spare wood around his house that he decides to turn into birdhouses.

Phil’s Tip-Drive Configurations: Phil is looking for a way to put almost any configuration onto the drive, and with this month’s tip he figures out how.

This month’s featured products include:

NEW- Easy Wood Tools 1/8 inch Easy Parting Tool

Package Deal- Steel City 15430 8″ Industrial Low-Speed Bench Grinder

All of this and more in this month’s issue of The Highland Woodturner!

Jun 112014

This Down to Earth Woodworker column first appeared in the June 2014 issue of Wood News. To see the rest of the issue, CLICK HERE.

by Steven D. Johnson,
Racine, Wisconsin

dtew8smRecycled pallet wood is beginning to be a popular source of wood for projects these days and there are several companies like World Wide Box & Packaging Corp. that sell recycled pallets that have been “repaired” to work like new. This month, Steve took a tour of this company and shares with us some facts and insights into the real world of pallet manufacturing.

CLICK HERE to read more about pallet recycling and manufacturing, and take a tour of the World Wide Box & Packaging Corp. 

Jun 052014

junewoodnewsOur June Issue of Wood News was just released today!

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15th. For everyone looking for a Father’s Day gift (and those fathers/grandfathers who want to give people some ideas), we’ve got a great Father’s Day Gift Guide full of books, tools, and fun woodworking gifts that Dad will love!

Also this month, we’ve got two in-depth articles from our regular Wood News contributors J. Norman Reid and Lee Laird. Norm has an extensive article on Getting the Best From Your Dovetail Jig, which includes some tips on how to get the best dovetail joints both quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, Lee Laird focuses on another popular woodworking tool, the Japanese Chisel, and in his article Does Hand-Made Equal Perfect? , he discusses his new collection of Japanese chisels and whether or not the fact that they have been “hand-made” makes them the perfect tool.

This month’s “Show Us” columns include:

Show Us Your Shop: We’ve got Howard Boehm’s garage shop that has been designed around his table saw.

Show Us Your Woodworking: Mike DeCarlo of  DeCarlo Woodworks specializes in handmade custom furniture, and in his column he shows off a variety of beautiful tables and cabinets.

Show Us Your Carving: Philip Malenfant, all the way from North Pole, Alaska, comes from an airline background and enjoys fishing, which are both represented in his carvings.

Our monthly woodworking tip columns include:

Safety Tip:  Brock Friedman has both a story and a tip about how you should be sure to have a clear head when working with your saws and other machinery.

Finishing Tip: Alan Noel has a tip on chemical safety and the precautions you should take when using finishes with high chemical contents.

Tips from Sticks-in-the Mud: Jim’s June tips include a lesson on how to record your favorite woodworking TV shows, as well as how to find and organize all of the woodworking tips and project ideas that are in abundant supply online.

The Down to Earth Woodworker discusses woodworking acronyms (including BBCL), his experiences with a “deep-discount foreign tool seller”, and his adventures at a wood pallet manufacturing corporation.

Have you ever wondered what happens if you use a SawStop and cut pressure treated lumber that is still slightly wet? So did Marvin Cok, and our technical department was happy to provide him with the best way to make his cuts!

We’ve also got some informative product reviews on the Lie-Nielsen No. 101 Bronze Violin Maker’s Block Plane,  the Knew Concepts Woodworker’s Titanium Birdcage Fret Saw, and Christopher Schwarz’s book, Campaign Furniture

Enjoy reading!

Jun 042014

This month we featured Howard Boehm’s woodworking shop that he created within his garage. Within this shop, Howard has been working on several big projects, and as a continuation of his shop column, we wanted to include all of the pictures from these projects.

Wine Cellar Project

Home Office Project:


Bar Project: