Molly Bagby

Jan 032020

With the New Year comes resolutions and what better way to start off 2020 than by making some resolutions specifically related to your woodworking goals.

2.5 years ago I started a step stool project while attending the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Coastal Maine and while many people in the class finished their project, I was a bit further behind and had to bring my project back home to Atlanta, still in 3 different pieces. 2.5 years later, I have yet to finish my project and so this year, my resolution is to finish this project I have been “working on.”

While I did add dovetails to each of these 3 pieces, I still have quite a bit of work to do…and the project is still in 3 pieces…

What about you? What are your woodworking resolutions for 2020? Answer in this month’s poll.

Molly Bagby is an employee at Highland Woodworking. She grew up at Highland Woodworking from a mere 1 week old and now does a variety of jobs to help keep her parents’ business running. You can follow her on Instagram @HighlandWoodwoman.

Dec 062019

As woodworkers, we have a talent in making things, which comes in handy right about now during the holidays. Sometimes we make one big project for that really special someone in our life. Other times we mass produce a bunch of smaller projects so we can share them with more friends and loved ones.

This month we’re wondering what kind of projects do you make for the holidays? Answer in our poll below and feel free to comment with anything that isn’t listed as one of the poll answers!

Sep 262019

This past Saturday, September 21st, five members of the Atlanta Woodcarvers Club came to Highland Woodworking to show off their carving skills.

Atlanta Woodcarvers Club members from left to right: Nelson, Sidney, Deb, Les, Lamar

They set up in the Highland Woodworking carving tool section and spent about 3 hours working on a variety of projects including small dog figurines, several relief carving designs, and comfort birds. The comfort birds are a big project the group has been working on to send down to children in Haiti. It’s a carved out bird that has a long back/tail which the person holding it can run their thumb across when they’re worried or anxious. They key is to sand the bird down to a smooth enough finish.

The group meets weekly at the Tucker Recreation Center in Tucker, GA. You can find their full schedule including upcoming events by clicking here. One of their biggest demonstration events will be coming up next month at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA from October 3-13, 2019.

View a gallery of photos from Saturday’s event by clicking here.

Lamar Holland works on a dog carving

Apr 172019

On Monday, April 15th, we got a surprise visit from Anne Briggs (@anneofalltrades) along with several other well-known woodworkers including Adam Beasley (@lazyguydiy), Tamar Hannah (@3x3custom), Rick LaFaver (@thewoodworklife) and Huy Huynh (@alabamawoodworker).

Touring the Highland Woodworking classroom

We first connected with Anne back at Handworks in Amana, Iowa in May of 2015 when she was helping out at the Sterling Tool Works booth. She then started our Women in Woodworking column for Wood News Online back in 2015, which created the foundation for future column authors Andrea Ramsay and Char Miller-King.

This was the first time Anne had visited our Atlanta store since she was in town for another meeting and she was excited to see where all of the tools that we ship out on a day to day basis actually come from.

Similar to Anne, a lot of our customers who shop with us online often try to include a stop at Highland when they are in town and if you’re reading this, we invite you to do the same if you’re ever in the neighborhood!

Apr 052019

Here at our retail store in Atlanta we carry a variety of locally sourced slabs from Atlantic Fine Woods just one town over in Decatur, GA. Similar to Highland, Atlantic Fine Woods is also family-owned, specifically by a brother/sister team made up of Joe and Laura Sissoko.

The two of them and their sawmill were recently featured in an interview on WABE, Atlanta’s local NPR station, which you can listen to by clicking here.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to ship the wooden slabs that we carry in-store, but if you’re ever in the Atlanta area, be sure to stop by Atlantic Fine Woods or Highland to see these beautiful slabs in person!

Mar 082019

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re sharing our Women in Woodworking Archives. This is a compilation of all of the past women we have featured in our Women in Woodworking column from Wood News Online, our monthly woodworking newsletter.

This column was started by Anne Briggs, also known as Anne of All Trades. She passed the column along to Andrea Ramsay who interviewed a variety of woodworkers all over the country who have been making their mark in the woodworking world.

We’re excited to be restarting this column in our upcoming April 2019 issue of Wood News Online. If you or someone you know would like to be featured in this column, please email Molly Bagby at

May 112018

After we first announced in 2017 that The Highland Woodworker had reached its series finale we received dozens of phone calls, emails and comments saying “say it ain’t so!” Well we listened to our viewers and we have returned with 4 brand new episodes in 2018!

Our Spring 2018 episode includes the following:

-Not only does Doug Stowe build fine furniture and beautiful boxes – he also teaches young and old alike how to express themselves as woodworkers. His story and a lesson in box building is sure to inspire.

-Popular Woodworking Magazine’s David Thiel teaches us how to size a band saw blade in Tips, Tricks and Techniques.

-Our Tool Box segment introduces the Narex Spoon Carving Kit.

You can watch the full episode below:

Be on the lookout for the additional 3 episodes throughout 2018 and if you haven’t signed up to receive the episodes in your inbox you can do so by clicking here.