Molly Bagby

Feb 012022

Here at Highland Woodworking, we help customers of all ages who are just getting into woodworking for the first time or have been doing it for their whole life. Over the years, many of our Wood News Online contributors have shared their memories of growing up in their grandpa’s workshop as well as stories about teaching their own grandchildren about their passion for woodworking.

This month, we want to know how you became interested in woodworking? If your answer is not listed below, type it in the comments.

Jan 032022

It’s a new year and as with the start of many new years, a lot of us have things we want to accomplish or change. This month we want to know if you have a resolution specifically geared toward woodworking and if so, what are you looking forward to accomplishing in your workshop for 2022?

Write your answer in our comment section or if your woodworking resolution isn’t listed, let us know what it is!

a) Learn how to carve in more detail

b) Use my lathe to turn more

c) Save up my money for a tool I’ve been wanting

d) Accomplish some projects on the “honey-do” list

e) Spend more time in my workshop

f) Spend less time in my workshop

g) Build a project for my children or grandchildren

h) Other

Dec 132021

A handmade gift is always very meaningful during the holidays and as woodworkers we’ve got a lot of tools in our belt to help us make the perfect gift.

Whether it is a small puzzle toy for a child or grandchild or a brand new kitchen table, many of us have been in our workshops all month (or even all year) working on the perfect gifts for our loved ones.

In this month’s poll, we want to know what you’ve made/are still working on for the holiday gift giving season this year? (If what you’ve made isn’t listed, please add it to ‘Other’).

Nov 022021

The Holidays are almost here and as woodworkers, a lot of us will soon be busy in our shops making gifts for our loved ones.

This month we want to know how early (or late) do you get started in the gift making process?

Oct 052021

As a woodworking tool company, Highland Woodworking sells both Hand Tools and Power Tools. Both types have their advantages and many woodworkers have a mix of both in their shops. This month, we want to know which type of tool do you prefer to use most often? If you prefer one type over the other, we would love to hear why in the comment section!

Sep 072021

In our January 2021 Show Us Your Workshop article, Ray Pugh pointed out his “pipe smoking and thinking spot” within his shop.

Bob Rummer, the author of our Stories from Grandpa’s Workshop column has been doing some thinking of his own, specifically about the benefits of having a designated “thinking spot” in the shop. They include:

a) It’s relaxing to be surrounded by your work and tools.

b) It gives you a chance to imagine and think out new projects.

c) It’s is a chance to get away, to be alone.

d) It is a way to take a rest break while working on projects.

This month, we want to know if you have a designated “thinking spot” in your own workshop?