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I grew up around woodworking tools (see picture, age 4-5ish) but only recently started doing some of my own woodworking.

May 142013

by J. Norman Reid
Delaplane, VA

peakhandplane9smIn the May issue of Wood News, J. Norman Reid gave us a thorough rundown of the steps needed to get your hand planes to perform at their peak. So whether you’ve recently purchased a new plane that you’ve been drooling over for awhile, or you’ve spent some time restoring an older plane back to working condition, this article has the answers you’ll want to achieve those wispy shavings we all aspire to.

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Apr 172013

wt25A NEW issue of The Highland Woodturner is now available for you to read.

This month we’ve got a timely column from Curtis Turner on how to turn a door stopper – just the thing you will be wanting to hold your shop door open to enjoy the warm weather! We’ve also got a new Turning Tip from Phil Colson on how to clean up a ragged chuck hole, as well as a great gallery of turned pieces from Diane Davison, a self-taught woodturner.

Add to that a new woodturning article by Terry Chapman from the Highland blog and a couple great deals on turning products, and you’ve got the April issue of The Highland Woodturner! Enjoy!


Apr 152013

We are excited to announce the release of episode 6 of our new Woodworking TV Show, The Highland Woodworker! Click the play button to watch it below!

You can also read a little more about the subject of this episode’s ‘Moment with a Master’ segment, Jeff Miller, in Charles Brock’s blog post. Here’s a quick excerpt:

Jeff Miller is just a wonderful engaging person to be around. he is thoughtful, authentic and very much a problem solver. He loves what he does and he enjoys sharing his passion for woodworking with others. His shop is full of great equipment and hand tools. He has several bandsaws including one huge old saw he rebuilt. A SawStop table saw and a big 12 inch combo machine give him great flexibility for cutting fine and accurate joinery. But what you really notice are the workbenches everywhere, especially in the Roubo style with Benchcrafted vises. He has them in various lengths for hand tool woodworking. He loves hand tools and has a huge working collection.

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Apr 032013

wn92The April issue of Wood News Online is out and ready to read!

In his column this month, Steve Johnson, our Down to Earth Woodworker, continues his metric conversion by talking finishes, and he discovers how easy it is to mix shellac using metric units! Steve also builds a magnetic stirring device, plans his next big shop project: a mobile sanding center, and gives us a rundown of the latest research he has done on ancient tool sharpening methods.

Jim Randolph is not a big fan of sanding, but in his Tips from Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop column this month, he has a few ideas for how to make it a less unpleasant task. We’ve also got a new shop from Bruce Herndon, some exquisite scaled furniture pieces from Ramon Gibbs, and Chris Adkins’ beautiful “Tree Box” carving.

All this plus much more, including some great deals and information on our upcoming 35th Anniversary Celebration, featuring Roy Underhill. Take a look inside!

Mar 202013

hwt24The newest issue of The Highland Woodturner, Highland Woodworking’s online woodturning newsletter, is out!

Take a look at the classic Curtis Turner article on How to Turn an Egg, just in time for the Easter Holiday! We’ve also got a great video from Terry Chapman on using the full-size Easy Wood Tools, a beautiful collection of turnings by Jim Marx in our Show Us Your Woodturning column, and a great tip from Phil Colson on how he improved the dust collection on his lathe setup.

All this plus great deals on woodturning tools. Take a look at this month’s issue, right here!

Mar 182013

Starting in the latest episode of The Highland Woodworker, there is a new segment that we are very excited about, where we will be featuring a different woodworking association in each episode. This month, we featured the Modern Woodworker’s Association, an online group that brings woodworkers together in person as well. They are a very welcoming group to all types of woodworkers, from beginners to experts, power tool lovers to hand tool afficionados. Watch the video they created below or check out their website at

Mar 152013

dtew1smIn The Down to Earth Woodworker column this month, Steve Johnson offers the best argument for going metric in the work shop that we’ve heard in a long time. He also offers some thoughts on how to wrap your brain around metric, and makes it seem much easier than we always thought it would be!

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