Kelley Bagby

I grew up around woodworking tools (see picture, age 4-5ish) but only recently started doing some of my own woodworking.

Oct 122012

Morton is a big fan of his SawStop PCS, and he wants to tell you why in this video product tour. The video includes a rarely-seen explanation of the steps you take to get your saw working again AFTER the brake is engaged if you ever unfortunately do your own “real life hot-dog demo”!

Oct 082012

The Down to Earth Woodworker's own beard!

In his column this month, our Down to Earth Woodworker, Steven Johnson, defines a word that many of us had never heard before: Pogonotrophy.

The word “pogonotrophy” is from the Greek “pogon,” meaning beard, and in this form literally means “beard feeding.” Think of it as the science (or art) of beard growth. I’ve been feeding my beard for over 40 years. At times it has been a lonely pursuit, as the popularity of facial hair has ebbed and flowed. Once a sign of great wisdom, beards for a while seemed more emblematic of an outlaw attitude.

So what does this have to do with woodworking, you may ask? After an afternoon of careful observation at his local woodworking store and a read-through of the latest fashion magazine, Steve has concluded that woodworking is on the rise. Read his column to find out how he comes to this conclusion.

Oct 032012

October 2012 Wood News OnlineThe newest issue of Wood News is out and ready for you to read!

We’ve got a lot of great stuff for you to read this month, starting with a very entertaining Down to Earth Woodworking column about the beards of Woodworking, where Steve Johnson manages to equate the increase of facial hair in high fashion to a resurgence in the popularity of Woodworking. Read that plus his review of the Kreg Shelf Pin Drilling Jig as well as a commentary on Perfection in Woodworking in this month’s Down to Earth Woodworker.

Bas Dinant’s great garage shop is featured in this month’s Show Us Your Shop, along with beautiful carvings by Brander Roulett in the Show Us Your Carving column and some impressive woodworking by Michael Fritz in the Show Us Your Stuff column. Jeffrey Fleisher provides a primer for using a tracecoat while sanding, and J. Norman Reid reviews ‘Furniture in the Southern Style’ by Lang & Huey.

All this plus a new downloadable project plan, a new Lie-Nielsen Tool of the Month, and so much more. Check it out now!

Sep 282012

This all new episode of The Highland Woodworker is now available for you to view!

In this episode, our host Charles Brock takes a look at an iconic woodturning family, the Moulthrops. This three-generation family of woodturners will amaze and inspire you. We’ve also got a great tour of President Jimmy Carter’s collection of Maloof furniture and Moulthrop bowls, and much more.

This episode of The Highland Woodworker is a half hour packed full of fascinating stuff – go take a look!


Sep 262012

In this month’s issue of The Highland Woodturner, Leslie Struthers tells the hilarious and all-too-familiar tale of working with temperamental tools.

Ok – it’s Sunday afternoon – my chores are done, time to tackle sawing logs for natural edge bowl blanks.

Add gas. Add bar oil. Set the choke to full. Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Set choke to half. Pull! Nothing. OK, that is to be expected. Stand up, stretch my back, wipe sweat out of my eyes. Readjust choke to full. Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Pull…! Adjust choke to half and pull! Absolutely nothing. No hint that this thing will start ever again.

Read Leslie’s article in this month’s issue of The Highland Woodturner.

Sep 242012

By his own admission a ‘power tool junkie’, this month our Down to Earth Woodworker waxes poetic about one of the things he loves about woodworking – the opportunity to decide between many options along the way:

Choices are one of the most alluring aspects of woodworking. Highways or byways. The journey, the side trips, the detours, the dead ends, the destination…with each route providing many feedback loops.

Read the entire Down to Earth Woodworker column, or take a look at the September issue of Wood News Online.

For more great columns like this, check out Wood News every month. You can subscribe here. We’ve got a new issue coming out next week!

Sep 212012

The Highland Woodturner, September 2012Take a look at the latest issue of The Highland Woodturner!

This month we’ve got a great new column by Curtis Turner on turning a tool handle – a great find for anyone who collects older tools or if you just would like a better fitting handle on a tool you use frequently. We also have a very entertaining article by Leslie Struthers about the trials she has experienced starting up her chainsaw.

Blair Swing’s fantastic wood turnings that range from the 1970s to today are featured in the Show Us Your Woodturning column, and Phil Colson offers some great uses for magnets around his woodturning shop that might be helpful to you.

Go check out this month’s Highland Woodturner, and enjoy!