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Mar 052020

After finally deciding to get a SawStop Table Saw, Steve tackles the next set of challenges opportunities that come with having the new saw in his shop. First up: building ‘the ultimate’ outfeed table that will double as an assembly and glue-up table.

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Feb 272020

After posting our new video on How to Sharpen Chisels, we took a look back at some of our older articles and videos on the topic of sharpening, and found this great guide, written awhile back by Zach Etheridge, a man who excelled at keeping his hand tools sharp. Just goes to show that even with all of the new technology available, good, basic sharpening techniques are timeless.

Take a look at Zach’s Guide to Sharpening Chisels and Plane Irons

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Feb 252020

Everyone knows that sharp tools will work better for you in the shop. But when you start noticing that your chisels are not working as effectively, do you immediately go to sharpen them, or do you put off the task?

Sometimes you just need someone to break down the steps and show you how easy it can be. In this short video, Jim Dillon walks us through his sharpening process, using waterstones and a honing guide.

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Feb 202020

In his new column in the February 2020 issue of Wood News, Bob Rummer explores the dilemma of deciding whether or not to paint our woodworking projects.

I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about paint on wood. When I see a DIY show taking a piece of solid wood furniture and painting it sky blue, something inside me reacts — “Why would you cover up a nice piece of wood with paint?”

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Feb 182020

For the February issue of Wood News Online, Jeff Fleisher reviewed the new Dozuki Saw offered by Z-Saw, available at Highland Woodworking:

The Z-Saw Dozuki has a 0.3mm thick high-carbon steel blade. Like all Japanese saws, the blade can be extremely thin because it cuts on the pull stroke which creates a very fine kerf. I like the idea of a very thin blade with hardwoods because you will generate very little friction and very little resistance making the cut and the blade remain straight during the pull part of the cutting stroke.

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Feb 132020

For the February issue of Wood News Online, Norm Reid reviewed Sandor Nagyszalanczy’s new offering, Setting Up Shop:

An authoritative guide to all things woodshop, this is just the ticket to guide you through the many things you’ll need to consider. This guide thoroughly examines the full range of issues entailed in setting up and equipping a woodshop.

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Feb 112020

On the most recent episode of The Highland Woodworker, Chuck Brock took a look at the newest Leigh Jig, the TD330 Through Dovetail Jig. Watch the video below and see what Chuck thought of the new jig!