Highland Staff

Sep 112020

In the September 2020 issue of Wood News, Char interviews a duo of woodworkers known as Material Curls, who collaborate together on their projects and don’t mind pointing out their woodworking mistakes and pitfalls.

One of the most distinct traits a person can have is to laugh at themselves. In woodworking we often find ourselves making simple mistakes, such as inaccurate measurements on our last useable board or running out of clamps. These mishaps can make or break our moments. Makers like Danette and Kat of the duo Material Curls have packaged their brand as “D.I.Try Experts” into a beautiful presence on social media. One in which they share their pitfalls of projects that took an alternative direction when diving into.

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Sep 092020

In the short video below, Justin Moon explains the use of a wide variety of Hand Drills, including the three sizes of Schroeder Hand Drills, two different Bit Braces and a 2-speed Breast Drill. If you are trying to find a tool that will help ease tearout and allow you to drill more precisely, a hand drill might be just what you are looking for!

Sep 032020

In the September 2020 issue of Wood News, Bob Rummer relates some of the history he has learned about woodworking, and reflects on the things today’s woodworker has in common with woodworkers from centuries past.

One of the glorious things about woodworking is the long and rich history of our craft. As I reflect on ancient Romans and Egyptians, my Grandpas and Great-great-great grandpas, and all the woodworkers who have gone before us and produced so many beautiful and useful things – I get an overwhelming sense that when we start woodworking, we are stepping out onto a well-travelled road.

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Aug 272020

You’ve learned how to remove rust that has accumulated on your woodworking tools. Now take the next step and try these preventative measures to keep rust from taking hold in the future! In the video below, Justin Moon demonstrates several excellent rust prevention products and procedures for keeping your workshop rust-free.

Aug 252020

In the 10 minute video below, Justin Moon reviews a number of different products and methods you can use to remove rust from many of the tools in your workshop. If you discover that one of your beloved woodworking tools has got a coating of rust on it after a long, humid summer, take a look at Justin’s video to learn how to return your tool to working order.

Aug 202020

Are you looking for a quick, one-day project to make in your shop? In the August 2020 issue of Wood News, Randy Cordle shares his mallet making process.

Recently, I’ve had a bit more free time in the shop and it occurred to me that a proper wood mallet might make a nice single day project. I did what many would do and researched the internet for information and then combined the information into a design that would best suit my needs. I made my first mallet and then honed the design a bit to present what’s featured here. The resulting mallet is not only ergonomic and functional, but it’s quite beautiful. It came out so well that my wife decided immediately upon sight that it needed to be fireplace art, so now it might become necessary to make another one for the shop!

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Aug 182020

In the August 2020 issue of Wood News, Bob Rummer talks about different woodworking specialties and the challenges of choosing which ones to learn to use in your own shop.

One of the wonderful things about woodworking is that there is such a rich landscape of specialties and skills that can be explored. You can dive deep into something like bird carving or you can wander all over the shop and combine turning and carving and furniture-building. Are you a “jack-of-all-trades” or a “master of one”?.

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