Highland Staff

Sep 092011

For September we have a couple new BRAND NEW video product tours on our Youtube channel!

This month, Morton starts with a thorough review of the setup and use of one of the more versatile tools you can have in your shop – the Rikon 14″ bandsaw. Take a look here:

Next, Morton takes a look at the Highland Woodworking Woodslicer resaw bandsaw blade in three different lengths, and compares its usage across a range of Rikon bandsaws, including the 10″, the 14″ and the 18″ models. Check it out:

Dec 242008


If router bits were hand tools we’d almost certainly handle them quite differently, but when it’s the power company that’s doing most of the work, it’s easy to forget what makes cutting tools cut.

If a good chisel might need sharpening twenty times during the course of a week’s hard work, then a carbide-tipped router bit doing the same work will have to be sharpened at least once a week.

Sharpening router bits is surprisingly easy to do. You don’t need a sharpening jig, precision measuring instruments or complex machinery.

Click here to read more about how to sharpen your router bits