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Oct 222015

HWT55This month, we’ve got a great new issue of The Highland Woodturner with 2 project ideas, some great woodturning tools, and more!

This month’s issue includes:

Turning Beads– Curtis Turner teaches us how to turn small beads that you can either use to keep strings together on a lanyard, or you can turn a bunch of them and make a beautiful piece of jewelry for that special someone.

Turning a String ‘n Ring Puzzle– If you’ve ever been a fan of wooden mind puzzles or know of someone who is, you should check out this project article from Temple Blackwood, who goes over the step-by-step directions of how to make your own!

Show Us Your Woodturning– This month we’re featuring the woodturning projects of Dave Morgan, including several turned bowls, urns, and ornaments.

Phil’s Woodturning Tip– This month Phil has a tip on how you can recondition your drive centers if you notice they have been damaged.

We’ve also got some great turning products being featured this month, including the Tormek Bench Grind Mount as well as a a sale on the Tormek Universal Gouge Jig.

And if you’re in the Atlanta area and want to improve your turning skills (or learn some new ones), make sure you check out our upcoming turning classes!

Check out all of this and more in our October 2015 issue of The Highland Woodturner!

Oct 092015

wn122We just published our new October 2015 issue of Wood News Online full of some great woodworking tips, projects, and product reviews.

This month’s issue includes:

Roy Underhill and the Highland Woodworking Open House– This month we have our big open house at our Atlanta store with special guest, Roy Underhill. The event will run on Saturday, October 17th from 9am-4:30pm and will feature Roy giving “Coffin-Making” demonstrations (it was Roy’s idea). Also on October 18th, Roy will be teaching a full day class on The Dovetail Variations, featuring a full day of dovetails. There are still a few spots available in the class, which costs $95 and can be reserved online.

An Evolution in Light– Neil Murphy discusses his longterm project of combining hardwoods with contemporary lighting and the results are beautiful!

Build an Improved Marking/Cutting Gauge– Chris Black discusses how to make your own marking/cutting gauge, which is one of the most essential tools that a woodworker needs.

Woodworking in America 2015– A few of us from Highland Woodworking attended WIA 2015 in Kansas City, MO a few weeks ago and we wanted to share our experiences, pictures, and videos with our readers and customers.

Show Us Your Shop– This month our most popular column features Oliver Apitius’ shop in Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Oliver is a mandolin maker who just recently built a new shop in 2014 after his financial circumstances turned around and he was able to build a shop with some great special features.

Show Us Your Woodworking– This month we’re sharing the woodworking projects of Frank Zemberi, a 70 year old woodworker born in Slovakia, who specializes in Grandfather clocks and Santa/Reindeer figurines.

Show Us Your Woodcarving– This month we’re featuring the Marvin the Martian carvings made by Blair Swing, who just had his carvings and turnings featured in the Texas State Fair.

As always, Wood News features several different woodworking tip columns, including:

The Down to Earth Woodworker– Steve has a variety of tips this month, which include:

  • Using dust as a lubricant in your shop.
  • The advantages of micro-fiber cloths over tack cloths.
  • How people watching in a furniture store can help determine how good the furniture is.
  • How multi-tasking in the shop can lead to epic stupidity.

Finishing with Alan Noel– This month Alan shares 10 tips on how to remove mold from your finely crafted furniture.

Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud– Jim has some note leaving tips, including note reminders in the shop and letting the sanitation crew (and yourself) know when a trash can contains glass or other hazardous materials.

2 Minute Safety Tip– This month’s reader contributed safety tip comes from Bob Clement, who says to make sure the blades on all of your tools are sharpened before using them, especially on power tools!

Ask the Staff– This month we received an Ask the Staff question asking if it is okay to apply pure or polymerized tung oil over an existing, fully cured oil finish. Check out the answer HERE.

We’ve also got reviews on the Earlex Sprayport and Andre Roubo’s L’Art du Menuisier (The Book of Plates)in addition to several new products, including the Vesper Double Square, Festool Brushless Sanders, Virtuoso DVD, and By Hound & Eye (the workbook companion to By Hand & Eye).

All of this and more in our October 2015 issue of Wood News Online.

Oct 082015

While attending Woodworking in America 2015 (#wia15), the Highland Woodworking staff had an opportunity to take some video of all of the action happening at The Marketplace and in a few of the classes. We put it all together and wanted to share it with those who were unable to attend this year (and to reminisce with those who did).



Sep 162015

septemberhwtOur most recent issue of The Highland Woodturner is now available for reading!

This month’s issue includes:

Marking and Measuring– The majority of Curtis’s current Windsor Tool project consists of turning several different matching parts that require accurate measurements in order to fit together. In this article, Curtis discusses different measuring tools he uses in order to get these accurate measurements.

Turning a Small Classic Child’s Bench– Temple Blackwood has been making small child benches for most of his turning career and in this project article he discusses how he makes them.

Show Us Your Woodturning– This month we’re sharing the woodturning projects of Scott Fruchter and his grandson, Cameron, who learned how to turn from his grandfather.

Phil’s Turning Tip– Phil has a turning tip on rounding the outside of the rim on your turning projects, which will help prevent cracking.

All of this and more in our September 2015 issue of The Highland Woodturner.

Sep 092015

wn121Welcome back to woodworking season! Our September issue of Wood News Online is full of projects, new tools, and woodworking tips to help motivate your return to the shop!

This month’s issue includes:

Where Are All The Girls in the Shop– This month Anne spends a day in the shop with Kim McIntyre, who grew up in her father’s workshop and has been doing some kind of woodwork all throughout her life. In the article, Kim discusses how to make handmade cutting boards, her favorite beginner’s project.

Show Us Your Shop– Richard Lahr has traveled around a lot during his life and so has his workshop. Currently, his shop resides in Gulf Cove, FL where he makes custom furniture and works on yachts.

Show Us Your Woodworking– Steve Lyde’s favorite style of woodworking is Greene & Greene. This month he shows off  a variety of custom furniture pieces he has made for his home.

Show Us Your Carving– Mark Levin has studied under several master carvers who have inspired him to develop multiple table series including his Leaf Series and his Fruit Series.

The Down to Earth Woodworker– This month Steve focuses on sharpening, including how to achieve the elusive “perfect edge,” a comparison between the Tormek T-4 and the Tormek T-7 Sharpening Systems, and answers More Frequently Asked Questions.

Tips from Sticks in the Mud– Jim figures out how to use his tablesaw fence rail as a backstop for biscuit slot and domino cutting, and shares a money saving tip on repurposing speaker magnets.

This month we’ve got in-depth reviews of the Hamilton Marking Gauge and Christopher Purney’s, The Furniture Bible.

We’re also looking forward to some great woodworking events including Woodworking in America at the end of the month in Kansas City, MO, and a visit from Roy Underhill to Highland Woodworking for our Fall Open House in October.

This month’s deals include a 33% discount on several different Fox Chapel woodworking books, a great deal on the Rikon 10″ Bandsaw, and if you’ve been needing a new workbench for woodworking season, check out the deal on the Sjobergs Hobby-Plus Workbench.

We’ve also got some great new tools including Blue Spruce Toolworks Hand Tools, Sterling Tool Works Roubo Curves, Bad Axe Hand Saws, and a new Woodpeckers One Time Tool.

All of this and more in our September issue of Wood News Online!

Aug 212015

wt53This month we’ve got a great issue of The Highland Woodturner, our online newsletter dedicated exclusively to turning.

Our August 2015 issue includes:

Making a Guiro– A Guiro is a Latin-American percussion instrument turned out of a hollow gourd and played with a stick or tines. In this article, Curtis Turner discusses the selection process for the wood, turning the beads, making the handle, and cutting the slot that helps produce the recognized sound of the Guiro.

Topping off a Turning Lesson– Our newest blogger, Mollie Simon, just took Hal Simmons’ Beginning Turning class at Highland, and she has a full report of what she learned in the class and how it is a great class for beginning woodturners!

Show Us Your Woodturning– This month we are featuring the beautiful woodturning projects from by Eldon DeHaan, who makes one-of-a-kind pieces that start off on the lathe and are then embellished, carved, and colored.

Phil’s Turning Tip- Phil has a tip on the benefits of using Foam-Backed Sandpaper.

Our featured turning tools this month include:

The Rikon 8 inch Professional Low Speed Bench Grinder

The Record Power SC3 Geared Scroll Chuck Package

All of this and more in our August 2015 issue of The Highland Woodturner.

Aug 072015

augustwnWe’re in the last stretch of Summer and woodworking season is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an early start on your upcoming projects! We’ve just released our August 2015 issue of Wood News Online full of project ideas, woodworking tips, shop ideas, and more!

This month’s issue includes:

Carving a Bernese Mountain Dog– Linda Master specializes in carving miniatures and this month she goes through the process of carving a miniature bernese mountain dog at 1:12 scale, and it even includes the use of alpaca fiber for the fur.

Working with Reclaimed Wood– Thomas Garcia shares a recent woodturning tool stand he made out of reclaimed wood, and also discusses his homemade recipe for wood filler that is great at taking on stains!

Where are all the Girls in the Shop– This month, Anne interviews Andrea Ramsay, who used to have a job in the technology industry before switching to her passion in hand tool woodworking! They discuss a good beginners project for woodworking…making a straight edge.

Festool Video of the Month– In our newest segment of Wood News, we will be highlighting a different Festool Power Tool each month with our product tour videos on YouTube. This month’s video features the Festool Cordless Field Day!

This month’s ‘Show Us’ series includes:

Show Us Your Shop– We take a look at Tim Schnedetz’s new shop building in Creston, OH, which he built with his son-in-law to replace his old barn garage shop that just wasn’t big enough!

Show Us Your Stuff– We have previously featured Jeff Greenberg in our Show Us Your Carving and Show Us Your Woodturning columns, and this month we are featuring his beautiful woodworking projects that feature a water clear epoxy as an added design element.

Show Us Your Carving– Lamar Holland has learned a lot of his carving skills from his friends at the Atlanta Woodworking Club and he has used these skills to create several carvings that have won 1st and 2nd place ribbons in the Georgia National Fair!

Our regular woodworking tip columns include:

The Down to Earth Woodworker– As always, Steve covers a wide variety of woodworking in his column including a behind the scenes look at the Tormek T-4 Sharpening System, Steve’s most frequently asked questions related to his monthly column and videos, working on a level surface in your shop, and lastly he gives a preview of the upcoming prime shop season.

Finishing: Alan Noel– This month, Alan has a list of steps you can take in order to age new brasses to a soft warm glow to become part of your new furniture pieces or old restored pieces.

Tips from Sticks in the Mud– This month Jim has a workaround for those who don’t yet have the new battery-powered impact drill drivers, as well as a money-saving tip on a replacement for knee pads when you have to be working in the shop on your knees.

Ask the Staff– Steve, one of our customers from Lincoln, NE is looking for a product that can be applied to MDF in order to keep water from penetrating it. Our knowledgable staff has the answer!

Two Minute Safety Tip– This month we brought back a popular tip for the summer that advises you to stay hydrated and keep your blood sugar up in these warm working conditions.

This month’s product reviews include:

Book Review: New Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp– SketchUp is a very useful computer program for woodworkers and this month Norm reviews Bob Lang’s New Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp which comes as a CD-ROM and can be used as a guide while you are working in SketchUp at the same time.

Tool Review: Beall Wood Buff Kit– Jeff Fleisher gives us a full review and video demo of this great finishing kit for woodturners that can be used with your lathe to apply beautiful finishes to your projects.

And lastly we’ve got some great new products and specials this month including:

The Bad Axe Stiletto Dovetail Saw

Tormek T-4 Sharpening System 

Record Power SC3 Geared Scroll Chuck Package

All of this and more in our August 2015 issue of Wood News Online.