Highland Staff

Mar 082017


In the March 2017 issue of Wood News, Jeff Fleisher changes up his normal review process and does a comparison review of two of our most popular selling calipers, the 6 inch Fractional Dial Caliper and the 6 inch Fractional Digital Caliper.
This will not be a typical review of each tool but rather a listing of the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision when purchasing one, or both, of the calipers.

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Feb 172017

One of our favorite new tools this year is the compact dust extractor, the CT-SYS, from Festool. The portable unit makes workshop cleanup so easy (not to mention other cleanups around the house, in the car and anywhere else you can think of!)

Find out more about the Festool CT-SYS Dust Extractor in our 8 minute video.

Feb 102017

mcbrideIn this new monthly column the Madcap Woodwright, John McBride, invites both seasoned pro and novice woodworkers alike to stop and reevaluate their perspective on woodworking.

Each month, the Madcap Woodwright column will explore issues that encourage you to examine time worn attitudes and approaches to woodworking.

In his first column, John starts by telling the story of how he fell deeply in love with woodworking, starting from shop class in his sophomore year of high school.

John is also in the process of building a Roubo Workbench “with a Twist“, and documenting the build in stories and pictures in his column. Part 2 of that build is also included in this month’s column, along with a link to part 1.

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Feb 082017

dovetails1smIn this month’s issue of Wood News, Amy Herschleb writes about her own journey learning how to cut a dovetail by hand. Amy is a staff writer for Highland and a relative beginner to woodworking, but her current surroundings working at the Highland Woodworking retail store make for a perfect environment to immerse herself in all things woodworking and learn various ways of approaching the basics.

Amy will be providing a beginner’s take on a number of different woodworking topics, including joinery, sharpening, hand planes, carving and much more. Keep your eye out here for more articles to come!

In the meantime, you can read about Amy’s entertaining exploration into different ways of cutting a dovetail.

Feb 032017

davidbarronIf you are struggling to get a good fit on your dovetails with a handsaw, the Barron Magnetic Dovetail Saw Guide can help. Use the guide as an assist if you are just starting in your dovetailing, or keep it in your toolbox for foolproof angle cutting even when you have your technique down.

In the video below, Mike Morton takes a closer look at the Barron Guide, demonstrating how it works and showing us the best way to use it to cut pins and tails on your next set of dovetails. If you have been frustrated in your attempts to cut close-fitting dovetails, try the Barron Magnetic Dovetail Saw Guide, available at Highland Woodworking.

Feb 012017

If you are overwhelmed by all of the choices for sharpening and honing your plane irons and chisels, we can help. In the video below, Justin Moon takes a closer look at the many different options for sharpening, including water stones, diamond plates, oil stones, ceramic stones, sandpaper and more.

Watch the video to learn pros and cons of each sharpening method, and get started sharpening with confidence in your own shop today.

Jan 242017

Have you ever flattened your workbench? If you have an old bench top that has endured a lot of use, it might be time to return the top to flat so you can maintain the accurate reference surface that so many of us need from our workbenches.

In this video, Morton walks through the process of returning a workbench to flat, using a Jointer Plane, a Sander and a Jack Plane. Take a look and get your own workbench back to flat today!