Highland Staff

Jun 142018

In the April issue of Wood News, Mark Miller introduced us to the tiny shop he was putting together in his new studio apartment, and discussed some of the potential complexities of downsizing to such a small space from a full sized workshop.

Mark followed up in the June issue of Wood News with more thoughts about what it has been like getting set up do do woodworking in such a small space, including using a makeshift workbench, cleaning up the ‘shop, tool storage, finishing in a small space and more.

If you find yourself in a smaller than ideal workspace for your woodworking, check out Mark’s articles – he has some good suggestions that might help you get your best work out of a small space!

Studio Apartment Woodshop – A Study In Footprint

Downsizing Into a Studio Workshop

Jun 122018

Jim Dillon walks us through the tools included in the Narex Spoon Carving Starter Kit in this helpful video. With tips for using each of the tools and how to get started in spoon carving in general, this video and kit will help set you on the path to a great new hobby of carving wooden spoons.

Click below to watch the video

Click here to order the Narex Spoon Carving Starter Kit

May 302018

Recently, Jeff Fleisher took a closer look at Highland Woodworking’s General Purpose Bandsaw Blades, a great, excellent all-round blade choice, available in a variety of widths, lengths and tooth patterns.

The General-Purpose Bandsaw Blades from Highland Woodworking provide an excellent, everyday blade for your bandsaw. The carbon steel blade is sharp right out the box and for the average bandsaw user they will give you excellent results. They obviously won’t keep an edge as long as a carbide tipped blade but at the very low price point for these blades it is very easy to replace them when they eventually get dull.

Click here to read more of Jeff’s review

May 242018

We still can’t believe it has been 40 years! Last month we had quite a party to celebrate all those years. Hopefully you were able to join us in Atlanta, but if not, we were lucky to have Bill Rush Photography on hand at our 40th Anniversary Celebration, taking some great photos of the event! Scroll through and enjoy!

May 222018

Last month we held our official 40th Anniversary Celebration here in Atlanta with special guests Nick Offerman, Roy Underhill, Thomas Lie-Nielsen, Charles Brock and more. We were so excited to celebrate with almost a thousand of our customers who came from all over the country to join in on an amazing day of woodworking fun.

If you weren’t able to make it to Atlanta, or if you came and want to relive the festivities, watch our video below!

May 172018

In the May 2018 issue of The Highland Woodturner, Temple Blackwood offers some helpful tips for doing a woodturning demonstration for a crowd of people. Going beyond the typical “keep things moving so people don’t get bored” advice we usually hear, Temple has great information about types of wood to use for a dramatic result, tricks for preparing for the demo and how to apply a finish without splashing your audience.

In an effort to share my own passion for wood as a sensually rewarding material to work with in a concrete way and to communicate with both other people as well as with the source-trees, I developed a series of demonstrations using wood that clearly comes directly from the tree.

Click here to read more of Temple’s great article on How to Demonstrate Woodturning.

Click here to read the May 2018 issue of The Highland Woodturner

May 152018

This past year, we’ve featured a wide array of shops in our monthly newsletter, Wood News Online, including Brent Nichols’s backyard workshop, Farrell Eaves’s shop-in-the-woods, and the barn shop that Mark and Rachel Mysliborski share.

Take a look at some of these workshops for ideas and inspiration, or just for fun.

And to read about even more shops, click to check out our Shops Gallery.

If you would like to submit your own shop, just SEND US PHOTOS of your woodworking shop along with captions and a brief history and description of your woodworking. (Email photos at 800 x 600 resolution.) Receive a $50 store credit redeemable towards merchandise at Highland Woodworking if we show your shop in a future issue.