Highland Staff

Jan 252018

In this month’s issue of The Highland Woodturner, Phil Colson demonstrates how he turns wooden spoons on his lathe, an interesting alternative to carving.

Spoons, spoons, spoons, everybody is getting into carving spoons. Spoon carving is a great hobby. I like to make spoons also, but I do it with the lathe.

Take a look at how he does it in this month’s Phil’s turning tip, and while you are at it you can read through the rest of this fascinating issue of The Highland Woodturner!

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Jan 232018

If you are looking to upgrade your shop, we’ve got the perfect tool for you. The Rikon 14 inch Deluxe Bandsaw 10-326 is a great choice for all kinds of woodworkers. Furniture makers will like the large 13″ resawing capacity and cutting accuracy. Woodturners will like the stability the large table provides when roughing bowl blanks. You can even cut non-ferrous metals on low speed.

In the video below, Justin Moon takes a closer look at the Rikon 10-326. Watch the video to learn the basics for setting up and using this workhorse tool in your own shop.

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Jan 182018

In the January 2018 issue of Wood News, Ernie Stephenson writes an in-depth article on how to carve a plane tote and make a used plane feel new again.

“Totes on a plane go through a lot of dynamic stress. Additionally, the wood in these old tools often contains a lot of skin oil and grime from years of use. Repairing them can often be an exercise in futility. Additionally, you can carve a tote that will fit your hand, that will later make a tedious smoothing job downright pleasurable. A specially carved and turned tote and knob can also be a source of pride sitting in your toolbox.”

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Jan 162018

In the December issue of The Highland Woodturner, Phil Colson shared his quick tip for storing wood glue when you are in a climate where it gets below freezing in the winter.

Read Phil’s tip and save your wood glue this winter!

Jan 102018

Review by J. Norman Reid

“As a regular book reviewer, I have the good fortune to read a steady supply of the best books on woodworking. I can say in all honesty that none of the books I review are bad books. Every one of them has something of value to offer woodworkers. Still, every now and then there arrives in my mailbox a book of such excellence that it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Mary May’s Carving the Acanthus Leaf is such a book.”

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Dec 212017

If the Adjustable Spokeshave is still a mystery to you, this article will help you out. The Highland Woodworking staff has clarified the setup and use of the helpful spokeshave in this short piece.

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Dec 142017

If you’ve been looking for a new project to tackle, why not try making one of the Hock Kitchen Knife Kits? In the video series below, you can follow along as Mike Morton goes through the entire build process, from initial shaping to applying finish. Make some great gifts for friends and families, or get one of these kits for an aspiring woodworker you know!

Watch the videos below to find out more!