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Jun 162020

In this classic article by the Down to Earth Woodworker, Steve offers a thought-provoking new perspective on the subject of turning professional in woodworking.

Click to read Steve’s thoughts onTurning Pro as a Woodworker

Jun 112020

Are you intrigued by the new Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Router, but aren’t quite sure how it would fit into the workflow of your shop?

Watch the video below and learn how one person has incorporated the Shaper Origin into his own shop.

Jun 092020

In the June 2020 issue of Wood News, Ken Rummer takes over the Grandpa’s Workshop column from his brother Ken, and tells the story of an intergenerational project he built with his dad for his grandpa.

An eruption of barking and a flurry of dog nails scratching on oak floors announced the arrival of the grandparents. I was in the basement with my dad at the time. Grandpa came down to see what we were doing. Normally, I would be glad to see him, but this time it was awkward. I was in the middle of building a Christmas present for him and Grandma.

Click here to read the rest of Ken’s article on the woodworking project he built with his dad.

Jun 042020

In the June 2020 issue of Wood News, David Jones identifies several resources he uses for obtaining wood for his woodworking projects.

Where do woodworkers get their wood? The simple answer is anywhere they can. Keep in mind woodworking is a hobby for me, not a profession, so my needs are far less. Still, there are many opportunities to get wood. For example, a farmer friend of mine knows I am into woodworking and he will occasionally call to tell me they cleared a tree row and cut down a large Osage orange (or a walnut, or a locust, or…) and ask me if I would want any of the wood. Yes, I would.

Click here to read the rest of David’s article on finding and using reclaimed and repurposed wood.

May 282020

Are you looking for a way to construct a quick kitchen base cabinet? In this 2-part video by The Down to Earth Woodworker, you can follow along with Steve’s design, cuts, and assembly.

Take a look at both videos below and then get started on your own kitchen cabinets!

May 262020

In the May 2020 episode of The Highland Woodworker, Chuck looks at the Bora NGX Clamp Edge Saw Guide. He does a couple of demo cuts with the guide and explains how it can turn your circular saw into a track saw.

Take a look at the video below and see if this tool is right for your shop!

May 212020

For the May 2020 issue of Wood News Online, Jeff Fleisher reviewed the MicroJig MatchFit Dovetail Clamp Pro and ZeroPlay 360 Sled Kit, both available at Highland Woodworking:

These two products, used together, create an accurate sled with no movement within the miter slot and a surface with dovetail slots that use MicroJig’s clamps and track hardware for fences and other custom hold-downs.

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