Mar 272007

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Mar 192007

Two Simple Table Saw Improvements by Richard McCandlessThe following article, detailing steps one can take to improve table saw functionality, was submitted to us
by Richard McCandless of Akron, Ohio. He writes:

"In the
last five years I’ve become more serious about my woodworking for
fun and in preparation for retirement. I started by taking a few
classes and replacing my ancient little table saw. I found myself
going out of my way to visit good sources, including Highland Hardware,
which is quite a hike from my home in Ohio. Now I’ve progressed
to Windsor chairs and another generation of bigger, sharper and
more powerful tools. The sense of fulfillment keeps growing."

Two Simple Table Saw Improvements by Richard McCandless

Table saws are everywhere. Most of us start
woodworking with a table saw. Nevertheless, most of my homeowner
friends haven’t made even the simplest improvements to their saws.
Nobody told them how.

Here are two simple steps you can take to improve your table saw.
They’re virtually free. You can do them in minutes. Believe me,
they’re worth it.

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Mar 162007

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Woodworking But Were Afraid to Ask
Quite often we receive questions from customers prefaced by “Please don’t tell anyone I asked you this, but…” or “I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t know this, but…” or “I’ve been woodworking since high school shop class, but I don’t know…”

So we've decided to address several of those nagging little questions that you just can’t bring yourself to ask your woodworking buddies.

What exactly is a board foot and how do I determine the number of board feet in a piece of wood?

What is the difference between Flat Top, ATB, and Combination tooth saw blades and which kind should I use?

I know what a dovetail joint is, but what is a half-blind or blind dovetail?

What is the "Golden Ratio"? Why is it referred to so much in woodworking and furniture design?

Almost every article I read about sharpening refers to “Scary Sharp”? What the heck does that mean?

What finish should I use on children’s toys?

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Mar 132007

Highland Woodworking Spring One Day SaleSaturday, May 5th
1045 N. Highland Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

Come spend the day at Highland Woodworking for our Spring One Day Sale! We’ll have free woodworking demonstrations throughout the day, free refreshments, door prizes and special in-store pricing on hundreds of items.

The shops and eateries here in Virginia-Highlands will keep your family fed and busy all day, so bring the whole clan and come on down! We won’t have a tent, so there will be parking available in our lot.

Directions to Our Store

Mar 122007

Adjustable Torque Screwdriver with 28 BitsHere’s a truly unique screwdriver that stands out in a crowd – an Adjustable Torque Screwdriver with 28 Bits! With a turn of a wrist, the spring loaded slip clutch goes from 2-36 in/lb of torque with an accuracy of ±6%. When you’ve reached the desired torque, the clutch disengages. A built-in scale indicates your setting.

If you’re looking for a gift, they can’t possibly have one of these yet. Comes with 26 hex bits with 1/4″ shanks, a 2″ extension, and a 1/4″ drive adapter for sockets, all in a fitted plastic case.

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Feb 212007

dancer.jpgBlending her talents as a master craftsperson and designer, Sabiha Mujtaba creates original custom wood furniture and art pieces. While adhering to the functional principles of furniture making, Sabiha’s primary focus is on the aesthetic relationship between rigid and flowing forms. Her work is influenced by her South Asian heritage and by her love of nature and organic forms.

Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, Sabiha was raised and educated in London, England. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1981 where she apprenticed at Sutherland Studios, a nationally renowned custom furniture studio. In 1986 she opened her own studio, Chrysalis Woodworks, which today operates from the basement garage of her home.

Sabiha’s work is part of several private collections and has been exhibited in various shows, galleries, museums and publications. She has also been a featured artist on the Discovery Channel’s "Lynette Jenning Designs", a nationwide televised program on homes and interiors.

Read our interview with Sabiha

View a slideshow of Sabiha’s work

Visit Sabiha’s website

Jan 132007

Critter Spray GunIf you’ve always wanted to try spray finishing but were overwhelmed by the expense and the complicated options available, then the Critter Spray Gun is just for you! I had never sprayed a finish before and I refinished my kitchen cabinets with the Critter by spraying tinted Ceramithane, and had amazing results. You can read my review here.

The simplicity of the gun belies its excellent performance. The unit consists of a siphon gun that screws onto a standard 16 oz. Mason jar and can be used with a compressor as small as 3/4 HP. Plus the Critter is a snap to clean – simply fill another jar with the appropriate solvent, splash the liquid around, and spray it though the gun. Wipe off the liquid nozzle, lid and gasket, and you’re done. The finish doesn’t flow through the gun, so there are no tips or hoses to clog. Any unused finish can be stored in the Mason jar until your next use.

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