Dec 172007

We’ve got the solution to your holiday gift needs, tools to please every woodworker!

116401t.jpgDeluxe Leather Shop Apron – A touch of luxury for your time in the shop? Perhaps, but to us it feels like this top-grain leather apron is tougher, more stain resistant, and gives us more protection than canvas or nylon aprons. If it happens to look better, too, we can live with that. This one offers good coverage (almost knee-length on most of us), and the flaps over the lower two pockets keep dust out. Upper left pocket is divided for pens; upper right is the perfect size for index cards, calculator, cell phone, and such. Adjustable nylon straps cross over in rear with speed buckle closure.

tormekt7.jpgTormekT7 Sharpening System – The Tormek Sharpening system is unsurpassed for quality, versatility, edge positioning accuracy and repeatability when grinding, sharpening and honing just about every tool in your shop and home. This Swedish made machine has a 10″ ceramically made, 220 grit aluminum oxide grindstone wheel which remains continuously bathed in water, keeping your tool’s edge cool and free from any risk of overheating. Backed by a 7 year warranty.

168051t.jpgEconomy Folding Workbench – Portable & versatile, this workbench will lend a helping hand in any shop. Its MDF top is attached to twin screws that open 4-1/4″, and with the moveable polypropylene 1″ tall dog jaws, it allows for 10″ of clamping capacity. When open, the table top spans 13-1/2″ x 24″ and stands 31″ high. The foot print of the metal stand measures 25 x 20-1/2″. Folded for storage it measures 42″ high x 7″ deep. Stand weighs 14 lbs. Assembly required.

169105t.jpgSet of 4 Heavy Duty Screwdrivers – These hefty screwdrivers are forged from high carbon steel with the blade running the tool’s full length. Hardwood handle cheeks are riveted onto the easy to grip, oval shaped handle end. While they may not be the most handsome screwdrivers in your shop, you’re not likely to bend them during those misapplied “screwdriver as a prybar” moments. Set consists of 4 heavy duty screwdrivers (6″, 8″, 10″, 12″).

169302t.jpg12″ Precision Combination Square Set – For woodworkers searching for quality tools on a budget, we are pleased to offer this attractively priced, precision 12″ adjustable square. With meticulously ground cast iron body and a textured matte black finish, the square is outfitted with machined (not stamped), easy to read, satin-chrome blades. Blade markings are in 1/16ths, 1/8ths, 1/32nds & 1/64ths of an inch and are etched into the blade for durability and legibility. Includes 3 heads: the combination head, a center-finder head with 2-1/2″ long sides, and a 7″ long protractor head with single degree markings. Comes in a fitted plastic case.

750906t.jpgFestool C-12 Drill/Driver Set with 2 Batteries – Very compact & remarkably light, this 12V cordless drill with speed ranges of 0 to 450rpm & 0 to 1500 rpm and 6 torque settings uses a brushless motor that is rated to drill a million screws before needing replacement. The C-12 will allow you to drill and drive into areas that standard drills simply can’t access. Three removable Fastfix® chucks and the Centrotec chuck comprise the system. The C-12 Drill/Driver Set comes with two 3.0Ah NiMH batteries, charger, Centrotec Chuck, right angle & eccentric chucks, Systainer storage box, 4mm drill bit, #2 Phillips bit and bit holder.

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Nov 152007

bodgerset.jpgFor years, woodturning has been one of our fastest growing specialties here at Highland Woodworking. There’s often a waiting list for customers getting into our woodturning classes, even though we’re teaching more and more turning classes every year.
A post on rec.crafts.woodturning last week asked if any subscribers had used Highland’s new Bodger lathe chisels. Well, these highly affordable woodturning tools are just now making their way out into our customers’ shops, and as of yesterday, no Bodger tool owner had yet posted an online reply. However we are starting to hear from our customers directly. John L. of Henry County, Kentucky, just emailed us telling us his experience with his new Bodger turning tools. John wrote:

“I can proudly say that these tools are the best turning tools I own. I’ve noticed they really keep an edge, and the steel is really hard! I also really like the handle design. If I had to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, they would be a 12. Thanks again for making these wonderful tools!”

We’re excited and also proud to bring these tools to market. Providing high quality tools at competitive prices has been a Highland trademark for the past 30 years, and these tools truly fit the bill.
If you’re already into turning, or if you’re just wondering what all the fuss is about woodturning being a great means of relaxation and satisfaction (not to mention a sure source of instant gratification), you’ll delight in the pleasure of working with professional grade turning tools like our Bodger tools, especially since they are so unbelievably affordable for their high standard of quality.
We invite you to give them a try, and if you’re less than 100% satisfied, you can return them within 60 days for a full refund. We guarantee you’ll enjoy using our new Bodger turning tools as much as we enjoy making them available to you.


Oct 252007

Here at Highland Woodworking, we are very excited to announce the arrival of our exclusive new Bodger-brand turning tools.
Whether you are a beginning woodturner or a seasoned pro, our new Bodger turning tools offer a very affordable, high-quality alternative to British turning tools. Made from high-speed steel, these rugged tools are quite tough with a Rockwell hardness of Rc 60. We have found them to be ideal for use by students in our turning classes, and we guarantee they will ably serve the needs of any woodturner who wants exceptional performance at a very affordable cost.
In our tests, we found them equal in performance to today’s premium British tools made of standard high-speed steel. All Bodger turning tools come with full-sized hardwood handles, metal ferrules and good edge geometry.
Check Out Our New BODGER Turning Tools
And just in case you were wondering, bodger is the traditional name given to rural woodturners who specialized in making practical everyday items likes bowls, chairs and kitchen utensils.

Jan 022007

Dear Woodworker,

As we approach our 30th year serving woodworkers, we at Highland Woodworking would like to thank you for your incredible support.

Years ago, the people who work here created a Vision Statement for our enterprise:

"Highland Woodworking is a Learning Community that fosters the Joy of Craftsmanship and a Passion for Excellence."

Whether it is seeking advice from the many woodworking experts on our staff, taking part in our workshops and seminars, or just browsing the huge resource of useful information contained in our excellent catalog, website and store, your participation and enthusiasm is what has made the work meaningful and worthwhile for us.

We welcome your presence in our Learning Community, and we especially welcome your visits, be they by phone, mail, the Internet or in person.

Best wishes for the coming year.


Chris Bagby, Owner & Founder
Highland Woodworking, Inc.