Jul 202010
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Ok people, this is a woodworking crossword puzzle. Personally I do not like crosswords, but I know some people just eat them up. Here are some hints because I think you may need them. Heck, I made it up a couple of months ago and when it got cold, I couldn’t get them all. Get the Highland catalog, the Highland web site, and some of the better blogs on woodworking and all those will help. It’s kinda fun and there are prizes available. Second prize is (with a tip of the hat to NPR and “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”) my voice on your home answering machine. First prize is me not doing that. Send your solutions to the store or put it in the comments section.

One other hint, when you click the check puzzle solution button, it will check your answers so far, but it will also throw you out of the puzzle. You can’t solve it with that button. Good luck, send in your answers to win the wonderful prizes!!

**UPDATE** For those of you who like to skip to the last page of the book before you finish reading it (or if you just want to check your work), here is a link to the answers!

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