Nov 022010

I once heard Norm Abram say that nothing upsets him more than someone suggesting that the only reason he can build all those things is all the tools he has.

Well, having a well-equipped shop is indeed a wonderful thing, but Norm is right. How much woodworking you can do is

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not solely dependent on how many tools you have.

For evidence of this, go watch this video about an old man building a birch canoe and count the number of tools he actually uses.
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Listen to me Goober when I tell you, it ain't how many tools you have. Now go make something.

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  2 Responses to “How Many Tools?”

  1. Exactly right! I have all the same brushes Picasso used, but they just don’t seem to do things quite the same as he did. But, I bet he never painted a house as good as me either.

  2. Its not the tools, it’s the man using the tools, and Norm is the man.

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