Jun 282016

The Woodpeckers OneTime Tool Bevel Gauges and Angle Reference Plate are back by popular demand! The last time this tool set was offered in the OneTime Tool plan they were extremely well-received. After the buying period closed, Woodpeckers received so many requests from customers to re-run the tool in the OneTime Tool program that Woodpeckers decided to release it again in the current run.

The reason for this tool’s popularity is clear once you are holding one in your hand. The problems that typically plague bevel gauges – undependable blade locking and frustrating tightening lever setup – have been solved with the Woodpeckers bevel gauge. The blade locks at the base of the handle to insure dependable locking every time. And the tightening lever is fashioned after a workbench vise, so the sliding mechanism allows it to turn easily, even in small spaces.

The Angle Reference Plate is another great Woodpeckers innovation that simplifies your workflow. Just find the angle you need on the Reference Plate, lock your Bevel Gauge in place to match, and you are ready to go.

The Woodpeckers Bevel Gauge is one of those tools that just feels good to hold and to use. These great looking tools will get regular use in your shop and will last for generations.

Make sure to act now – even though the Woodpeckers Bevel Gauge and Angle Reference Plate were re-released in the OneTime Tool program, it is only available to buy until July 18th, 2016. Don’t miss this rare opportunity at a second chance!

Learn more in the video below:

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Jun 202016

I have a bad habit of starting a book and then moving off and getting interested in something else. I have a stack of books with bookmarks in the middle that are always pending and I think it is safe to say that pending stack is my summer woodworking reading list. Maybe I’ll get distracted again and start to build something out of one of them again.

Why We Make Things and Why It Matters

Why We Make Things and Why It Matters by Peter Korn.

Don’t you always wonder why you make things? It’s kinda odd, isn’t it, that you can’t stop making things. Read this book and see why you make things. And then on top of that, you may be able to find out why it matters.

Coffin Making and Undertaking edited by Paul N. Hasluck.

This may seem a strange choice, but then I’m a little weird sometimes. My family has a long history in the funeral business and the genesis of that is likely my Great Grand Father who built buggies and wagons for a living. I am sure that when a casket was needed in the little town where he (we) lived, he was the one who was called. Things like making caskets do not change quickly, and this book first published in England about the turn of the last century is very likely similar to the way GG Father made caskets. With a chapter on lead caskets and another on how to move a casket down a narrow stairwell, this little book should be very useful if the need ever arises.

"Campaign Furniture"

Campaign Furniture by Christopher Schwarz.

I have been cycling through this book over and over. I built the three legged stool from the book and then later made the Roorkee Chair. Working with leather for the first time was a treat and both items turned out well. I will build everything in this book vicariously, I’m sure. I love the way Schwarz writes, the depth of coverage and research he does before he writes his books, and the way he makes the things he writes about as he writes about them. I’m definitely going to keep this one in the reading cycle.

Maybe someone will publish something new this summer. I always look forward to a brand new woodworking book.

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Jun 172016
Lee Laird – My Summer Woodworking Reading List

As the summer is rapidly approaching (although with quite a wet lead-in for some of us), I went through my bookcase to see what books I wanted to queue up for any slow periods, and possibly during any travel. I have a decent range of topics from which to choose, so I either try to […]

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Jun 162016
Temple Blackwood - My Summer Woodworking Reading List

Perhaps as a result of the impact of meeting Peter Korn in November 2015 at the meeting of NEMA (New England Museum Association) and then reading his book Why We Make Things and Why It Matters (David R. Godine, Publisher ©2015) in January, I have been steeped in reading books that reveal and explore the passion and spiritual richness […]

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Jun 152016
Norm Reid--My Summer Woodworking Reading List

I am fascinated by the potential of hand tools, especially handplanes, for crafting fine work.  My high interest in hand tools is reflected in my summer woodworking reading list. Paul Sellers’ Essential Woodworking Hand Tools is a thick and beautifully-presented compilation of information about all manner of hand tools.  I’ll start with this book for […]

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Jun 062016
Highland Woodworking's New Ax Display

The new wall display in our retail store for showing off our ax inventory is now finished! The grid pattern of holes lets us easily alter the position of the custom wooden dowel pegs to accommodate just about every size of ax we offer. A handsome mitered box with dovetailed key splines and a sliding […]

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Jun 032016
The new Tormek T-8 Sharpening System has (almost) arrived!

Do I look excited? You can see why! The brand new Tormek T-8 Sharpening System has arrived into my shop for a video review. I can’t wait to unbox this machine and check it out! Some of the new features include: Fully cast zinc body – including better tolerances especially for the guide posts New […]

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